Workplace Stress on the Rise

Recently I read a book on burnout that was published in 1980. One of the things I found interesting in the book was the description of how stress in the workplace was rising during that time. In 1980, the population didn’t have tools like personal computers/laptops and smart phones that inundated people with information from all over the world and was accessible 24/7. Globalization was only a thought. But increased stress was already a recognized problem.

stressed worker

Photo credit: Carl Dwyer

According to a recent study, the 2013 Work Stress Survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Everest College, stress levels continue to be rising in the workplace. The study found that 83% of Americans are stressed by at least one thing at work. That is a 10% increase in one year!

It is more important than ever that individuals and businesses learn about burnout and take steps to protect against it.

Source: Workplace Stress on the Rise With 83% of Americans Frazzled by Something at Work

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