Who Is at Risk to Burnout?

When the concept of burnout was initially conceived, it was primarily associated with people working in jobs that had direct involvement with the public. Occupations fitting this description includes social workers, doctors and nurses. People working in these type of jobs are at risk to burnout.

At risk for burnout

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But the definition quickly expanded to cover all occupations. I believe this is because stress has increased over the past few decades regardless of the type of job. It doesn’t matter whether a person is an executive, entrepreneur, minister, salesperson, or someone serving hamburgers at a fast food restaurant. This makes people working in traditional jobs also susceptible to suffering from the burnout syndrome.

The list of those susceptible to burnout doesn’t end there. People working non-paying jobs are also at risk of burnout. Not being paid doesn’t remove the responsibility and potential stress. The list of those in this category includes volunteers, students, and parents.

We all need to know what burnout is and the danger signs to look for. Although people in some jobs are more at risk to burnout than others, no one is entirely immune to burnout.

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