Say Goodbye to the Good Things

Why say NO to good things?

My church, Lifepoint Church, has a specific purpose (and strategy) that is pursued with laser focus.

Lifepoint Church exists so that people far from God will experience God’s design for life.”

To some people this purpose may read like a generic statement that would apply to many churches. But when you examine the words fully and carefully, the uniqueness of the statement is revealed. This church is not attempting to be all things to all people. The purpose is at the heart of a need that must be met.

give up good for better

Many ideas continually come in on how the church can improve and expand. Many of the ideas are good ideas. But if they don’t directly apply to the purpose, they aren’t considered. We say goodbye to those ideas. We are looking for great ideas that will make the church even more effective at accomplishing our unique purpose. Those are the ones that are pursued and implemented.

What is the result?

Lifepoint Church excels at making a difference. We have had the privilege of providing a significant life change for thousands of people who are:

  • Local and global
  • Young and old(er)
  • Within and outside the church

Say Goodbye

We are all the same way. We need to say goodbye to good things in order to accomplish the great things.

If we say yes to every good opportunity that comes in our path, there will be no room for the great things we are uniquely qualified to pursue. We will have no focus or margin in our life.

This was a hard lesson for me to learn and difficult to do. There are so many ways we can do good for others. How can it be wrong?

Saying no to these good opportunities for a few great ones is a sacrifice.

Sacrifice: Giving up something good for something better. As I have studied great men and women from the beginning of time, the common denominator of greatness has been the ability and willingness to sacrifice for whatever they were trying to achieve. When sacrifice has been there, great humans have emerged.”
— Hyrum W. Smith (founder of Franklin Quest — now Franklin Covey)

If we want to accomplish great things, we need to have laser focus on accomplishing our purpose.

When the next opportunity comes along, decide if it is good or great. If it is good, say no and be fine with the decision because you are reserving that time to accomplish great things.

Question: Do you have good things in your life you need to say goodbye to? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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