Reduce Burnout Symptoms Through Exercise

A pilot study was recently conducted to determine if a 12-week aerobic exercise program could reduce the levels of burnout. Twelve men suffering from burnout did aerobic exercises 2–3 times per week for the duration of the study. 

What was the result of this 12-week pilot test?

aerobic exercise for burnout

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The key findings of the present pilot study were that a 12-week aerobic exercise program successfully reduced symptoms of burnout and depression in a sample of male participants scoring high on the MBI emotional exhaustion and depersonalization scales.

Yes, participants significantly reduced their burnout symptoms after three months of aerobic exercise.

This result should encourage further studies on the topic. In the meantime, it should also encourage anyone who needs to overcome burnout to lace up their workout shoes and exercise.

To learn more about the study, go to:

Aerobic exercise training and burnout: a pilot study with male participants suffering from burnout

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