One Step to Being More Productive and Awesome This Week

If there was one step you could take that would

  • Increase your productivity and creativeness
  • Improve your health and mood
  • Increase your resistance to stress and burnout

would you take that step?

avoiding burnout to be productive and awesome
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What Is It?

The one-step you can do this week to reap these tremendous benefits is to get an adequate amount of sleep.

Lack of sleep is reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a public health epidemic. Difficulty performing daily tasks, increased risk of suffering from chronic diseases, reduced quality of life and lack of productivity are some of the impacts a lack of sleep can have on a person.

I Don’t Have Time

I believe “not having enough time” is the most popular excuse I hear for not implementing a needed change. I usually give the same response every time I hear this excuse.

It’s not that you don’t have enough time, it’s that you have put a higher priority on other things that are taking up that time.

If this is your excuse for skimping on needed sleep, take an honest look at how you spend your non-sleep hours and determine if there are one or more activities you could reduce or cut to make the time available.

How Much Time?

Knowing what the average sleep requirement is across the population doesn’t tell you what your sleep requirement is. Everyone’s sleep requirement is different. I should know.

There was a time in my son’s life where he seriously struggled. Ultimately, we took him to a sleep center where we discovered he has a very long sleep requirement. Once discovered, we adjusted our daily routines to accommodate the need and he has been excelling ever since.

What is your sleep requirement? My recommendation is that you find a few days in a row where your morning start time isn’t critical and don’t set an alarm on those days. After the first couple of days, start tracking how many hours you’re sleeping each day. Your body should get into a natural routine and let you know how many hours of sleep it needs.

There is an excellent article by the National Sleep Foundation about getting enough sleep entitled How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?. You should check it out to learn more about sleep and the importance of getting enough of it in your life.

Do you feel tired most of the time? Determine if you are getting an adequate amount of sleep. If not, change your daily routine so that you are. The extra hours used by sleep will be made up for by your increased productivity and better health (not to mention the extra resistance to burnout).

Have you found yourself sleep deprived in the past? How did it affect you? What did you do to overcome it? Leave a comment by clicking here.

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