Does Location Change the Level of Stress?

Yesterday, Gallup released the results of a poll regarding the level of stress occurring in each state in the US. Specifically, the poll determined the percentage of people in each state who felt stressed much of the day before the question was asked.

The least stressed state was Hawaii (30.2%). The most stressed state was Utah (41.2%). Location might make a difference in the likelihood residents are stressed. But before you load up the moving truck…

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What amazes me most is not the comparison of stress results between the states. It is the level of the results for any of the states.

The question answered wasn’t if a moment of stress was experienced yesterday. It was whether stress was experienced much of that day.

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Every state has at least 30% of the population who experiences stress MUCH of the day!
That means approximately 1 out of every 3 (or more) people you meet are having a day filled with stress.

This should change our perspective.

If someone is behaving improperly, know that he or she could easily be in this stress-filled group. Consider this before responding. How would you like them to react to you on those days you are not at your best?

If you feel continually stressed yourself, know that you are not alone. This should provide a small level of comfort.

Stress is rampant. Continual stress is leading to burnout. It is time to change.

Does this stress survey give you a different perspective?

Note: See the results of the Gallup poll at — In U.S., Hawaii’s Residents Least Stressed, Utah’s Most

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