Develop a Hardy Personality

Hardy plants are better able to survive and thrive in harsh environments better than other plants. If you want to grow a plant in the stressful conditions of cold temperatures, heavy storms, and poor soil, select a hardy plant.

tree with hardy personality

Photo Credit: Adam Baker

People also respond differently to stress. Some people have personality characteristics that help them cope better under stressful conditions. This ability to cope is called hardiness.

Hardiness is a personality style designed by Suzanne Kobasa and Salvatore Maddi in The Hardy Executive: Health Under Stress. Hardiness can also be called psychological hardiness, personality hardiness, or cognitive hardiness.

What qualities does a hardy personality possess?

If your personality style is not very hardy, don’t fret. You are not born with these qualities, they are learned. You can change to be more hardy and in doing so, more resistant to the impacts of stressful situations.


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