Close Your Eyes to Avoid Burnout

It sounds simple. Just close your eyes. It is simple, but not always easy.

We know sleep is important. With proper sleep, we are healthier and more productive. We are more resistant to stress and burnout.

Why can something so simple be so difficult? We have many things competing for our time. Sometimes it comes down to not doing something we consider good and important in order to get our needed sleep. Without our needed sleep taking place, our productivity eventually goes down and even less gets done (and our stress and burnout levels go up).

When should we be getting our sleep?

Daily Sleep

Daily sleep renews our bodies and minds for the upcoming day. It provides many health benefits from improving memory to influencing weight loss. It also reduces stress and depression.

The average person requires about 8 hours of sleep per day. This is an average and some people require more or less. Don’t find yourself sleep deprived or the positive benefits of sleep will be lost.

Practice these 5 tips to get the most out of your daily sleep:

  • Don’t drink caffeine drinks several hours before your bedtime
  • Keep on a consistent sleep schedule, even on “non-work” days
  • Get comfortable (mattress, pillow, clothing)
  • Exercise daily
  • Eliminate stimulating activities before bedtime

Daily Naps

Naps are expected for babies and toddlers. As we grow older, the napping fades away while other responsibilities takes over. But napping isn’t just for the young.

Naps provide a recharge for our bodies as our energy level can’t be maintained. A 10–20 minute nap is perfect for working strong through the afternoon hours.

If you don’t have an office where it is easy to catch some shut eye, consider using your car. I have laid my car seat back and set an alarm on my smartphone for 15 minutes. It works!

Napping has been the practice of some successful people. For a list of some celebrities who practice napping, go to

Do you have some tips that you practice to make your sleep and nap times easier and more beneficial? Leave a comment by clicking here.

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