Burnout? Take a Burnout Self Test to Find Out

Things have changed in your life, and not for the better.

  • It might be harder to get yourself motivated to go to work in the morning.
  • Maybe you’re losing the desire to be around friends and family.
  • You might even be “biting the heads off” people you care about and don’t understand why.
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Do you want to know if you are suffering from burnout?

There are several online burnout tests and quizzes available to give you a better indication of whether burnout syndrome is at play. Here are five that are available:

  1. Mind Tools Burnout Self-Test — This 15 question test from Mind Tools is quick and easy to take. Click on the appropriate answer for each question and then automatically total your score with another click of a button. Compare your score to the descriptions in the interpretation section to understand the test results.
  2. The Fried Quiz — Joan Borysenko, the author of Fried: Why You Burn Out and How to Revive, makes her own burnout quiz available on the Oprah website. The site steps you through the questions two at a time and then reveals an overall assessment at the end based on the answers you provided.
  3. Psychology Today Burnout Test (Non-Service Fields) or Psychology Today Burnout Test (Service Fields) — Psychology Today provides two different burnout tests. The one you take depends on whether or not you are in a service field or work with the public. Because there are 45 questions, the test will take a little longer than some of the others (approximately 15 minutes) so make sure you have adequate time available before getting started. A summary of your personalized results is provided at the end with a paid option to get the full results of the test.
  4. Job Burnout Quiz — This quiz is a part of the Stress Management section at About.com. One at a time, it walks you through approximately 20 questions and provides a description of your test results at the end.
  5. Overcoming Job Burnout Quiz — Dr. Beverly Potter is one of the experts in the the field of burnout. To complete this quiz, you are asked to rate 48 statements related to the symptoms of burnout. A click of a button calculates and provides the results of the quiz. Like the Psychology Today test, make sure you have a few minutes available to complete this test before you get started.

Living life in a burnout state is no fun for you or those around you. If burnout is a factor, start determining how you can turn your situation around starting today.

What was your experience taking these quizzes and tests? Do you have a favorite that is not on our list? Please let us know.

Note: Of course, these tests should be used as they are intended. They are not scientifically validated tools. If your situation is serious, seek professional help. There are burnout tests that have been validated and are used by professionals. The most popular is the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI)

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