Build A Hardy Personality: Control

Whether or not a person has a sense of control can have a lot to do with how well that person can handle stressful situations.

When stressful situations come, those with a hardy personality are better equipped to get through those situations without the stress taking them down. One of the key qualities of a hardy personality is a sense of control.

Let’s get practical. What are some things you can do to improve your sense of control?

Work Your Strengths

We each have a different set of talents, gifts, and passions. These create your best strengths. If you want a better sense of control, identify what your strengths are. Find work that requires your strengths and use your strengths in everything you do.

You will be happier, accomplish more, and build a stronger sense of control.

Delegate Tasks

Building a sense of control doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. In fact, that would be a sure-fire way to ultimately lose a sense of control as you frequently become overwhelmed and even fail.

Identify those tasks that do not take advantage of your strengths. Find ways to recruit others who possess the needed strengths needed to accomplish those tasks. They will be able to do the work faster and with higher quality than you because you would have to do the work in areas you are weak.

If you still have more work than you can accomplish, prioritize the tasks based on what you personally need to do and also find ways to delegate those tasks that are a lower priority.

Be Mentored

The right mentors have successfully weathered the stressful situations that you will likely experience in your future. They have been in your place and understand what it takes to be successful.

Having access to the knowledge, advice, and resources of a mentor can provide a better sense of control. Seek out mentors in different areas of your life.

Have Faith

Faith in God will increase your sense of control. When stressful situations come your way, God promises to not give you more than you can handle. This hope can give a tremendous sense of control rather than powerlessness.

Some will argue that putting your sense of control in God’s hands is giving it up, not increasing it. I argue that it results in the ultimate sense of control you can have.

Take Action

Put the four methods above into action and increase your sense of control. Start increasing your hardiness. This will prepare you for the difficult situations to come and avoiding burnout at the same time.

Do you know of additional ways to increase a sense of control that you have experienced? Let us know what they are.

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