Roger Carr photoHi, my name is Roger Carr. I am a husband, father, Christian, businessman, writer, volunteer, and recovering burnout.

For years I was involved in many things and had a list of significant accomplishments to show for it. Friends and coworkers would ask how I did so much with my time and stay sane. I certainly built some task and stress management skills over the years that helped, but it was my passions that continued to give me the drive.

Then I went back to college after being out for 25 years. I started missing commitments I used to keep. I let important relationships suffer. I even had a trusted friend and mentor warn me that I needed to get back to focusing more on my family. But I was in denial.

Then it hit me one day that I had lost the passion for things that used to be my driving force. Burnout snuck up on me and I hadn’t noticed.

I have since been learning about burnout and practicing what I learn. I have been reading books, articles, research papers and case studies. Applying what I have learned and continue to learn has made a huge difference! I am now writing again (this was one of my lost passions). I am resting more. I am spending more time with my family. In fact, that same friend and mentor of mine pulled me aside after a get‐together to tell me what a positive change he has seen in me!

God has given me a big vision for helping others avoid or overcome the burnout I experienced. Sharing with you on this blog is just a small step toward the accomplishment of that vision. If you are currently in a rut like I was, I hope you will start applying some of the thoughts and methods you read on this website and live your life with purpose again.

My Top Posts

If you haven’t had the opportunity to get to know me, a great place to start would be to check out some of these top posts on Better Without Burnout:

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